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Two diseases on deathly collusion path a story of Jiquilisco, El Salvador

Patients with chronic kidney disease are amongst the most vulnerable sectors of the population and research shows more vulnerable to contracting the worst effects of COVID-19. In Jiquilisco, a coastal municipality of Usulután, El Salvador, the two diseases have merged in its deadly dance within a population that is also battling chronic and multidimensional poverty. The mandatory quarantine – called lockdown in other parts of the world – left this part of the population without the possibility of generating income and confined to houses not fit for allowing isolation.

Honduras: The neighbors of the South have damaged kidneys

The Central American Pacific coast is plagued by communities where people live marked by chronic kidney disease. To this diagnosis numerous studies have added nontraditional. It means that it is not preceded by other basic diseases and also appears at an earlier age. Those affected agree to work in agricultural activities and reside as neighbors of massive crops. This is the first chapter of a series that will address the phenomenon. This is about Honduras.